Will Bryk

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About Will Bryk

Will Bryk is the CEO of Exa, who previously built real-time AI products at Cresta and studied CS and physics at Harvard.

Known information

Will Bryk serves as the CEO of Exa, a company dedicated to organizing the world’s knowledge. He was one of the first engineers at Cresta, where he developed real-time AI products. Bryk has an academic background in computer science and physics from Harvard, where he also conducted research on human/AI interaction and led the robotics club. He recently announced the renaming of Metaphor to Exa to better align with the company’s mission. Additionally, Bryk launched a new type of search experience called highlights.

About Exa

Exa, formerly known as Exa Search, is a B2B company based in San Francisco, CA, specializing in advanced search engine technology for AI applications, with additional offices in New York, NY.

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