Output Biosciences

Company Overview

Output Biosciences, previously known as Jingu Health, is located in New York, NY, USA. The company operates within the healthcare industry, specifically focusing on therapeutics. With a team size of four, Output Biosciences combines computational biology and artificial intelligence to unlock new preventative therapies. Output Biosciences is part of the Y Combinator S21 batch and is committed to extending human healthspan by combating chronic diseases. The organization works to discover therapies that are faster to discover, easier to manufacture, safer to take, and can get to market within months.

Locations and Operations

Output Biosciences is based in New York, NY, USA, and operates within multiple regions including the United States of America, America/Canada, as well as remote and partly remote regions. This broad operational scope allows the company to reach a diverse set of stakeholders and leverage talent and resources from various locations. The company provides employment opportunities that allow individuals to have a significant impact on the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.

Industry and Sub-Industry Focus

Output Biosciences operates in the healthcare industry, with a specific focus on therapeutics. By leveraging advanced technologies in computational biology and artificial intelligence, the company aims to innovate within the field of preventative therapies. The organization’s primary goal is to discover and develop treatments that can improve human healthspan by addressing chronic diseases. Their approach ensures that these therapies are not only effective but also easier to manufacture and bring to market quickly.

Technological Approach

Output Biosciences employs computational biology and artificial intelligence to advance their mission of unlocking new preventative therapies. This technological synergy enables the company to streamline the discovery and development process, making therapies that are not only efficient but also safe and quick to market. This innovative use of technology helps Output Biosciences achieve its goal of advancing human health by combating chronic diseases through cutting-edge scientific approaches.

Y Combinator Involvement

Output Biosciences participated in the Y Combinator S21 batch, which highlights its innovative potential and growth trajectory within the healthcare and therapeutics sectors. Y Combinator is known for supporting startups with strong business models and technological innovations, providing Output Biosciences with valuable resources and mentorship to further its mission of developing new therapies for chronic diseases. This involvement underscores the company’s commitment to leveraging top-tier support and expertise to realize its goals.

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Output Biosciences Employees

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