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Criya, previously known as RoomPlays, operates out of San Francisco and San Jose, California. The company, part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch, employs a team of five and serves primarily the United States and Canada, including remote and partly remote regions. Criya provides a multifaceted platform designed to support senior industry leaders in building and managing their professional online presence. The platform features rapid, AI-generated website creation, capable of delivering professional sites in just 20 seconds, and integrates with Google Mail & Contacts to facilitate contact building. Criya’s offerings extend to scheduling appointments, managing projects, client relationships, and automating various business activities like sales approach customization and lead engagement. Additionally, the platform includes functionalities for booking leads, accepting payments, and handling invoices, payments, retainers, and digital contracts. Criya also enriches its users’ experience with a personal brand quiz, a resource hub, community support, and educational content through a blog, a podcast named ‘Level Up with Deb’, and LinkedIn webinars. The company has garnered over 1,000 reviews and is endorsed by top-tier business leaders and venture capitalists.

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