Danis Dayanov


Danis Dayanov is a seasoned Chief Technology Officer and serial entrepreneur, known for his early leadership role in LinkedIn's engineering team and achieving two successful business exits.

Danis Dayanov Chief Technology Officer

Danis Dayanov serves as the Chief Technology Officer. In his role as CTO, he oversees the technological direction of the company and ensures the alignment of technology initiatives with business objectives. His leadership in this capacity includes managing technical teams, spearheading innovation, and driving product development.

Danis Dayanov Serial Entrepreneur

Danis Dayanov is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with experience in founding and growing multiple businesses. He has successfully achieved two company exits, demonstrating his capability in building valuable enterprises and successfully overseeing their acquisitions or mergers. His entrepreneurship journey includes identifying market opportunities and leading ventures from inception to successful outcomes.

Early LinkedIn Engineering Leader

Danis Dayanov was an early engineering leader at LinkedIn. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in shaping the platform's engineering strategies and contributing to its early growth and development. His work at LinkedIn involved collaborating with cross-functional teams to enhance the platform's infrastructure and improve user experience.

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