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Blaze, previously named Retrera, operates from San Francisco, CA, with a fully remote option, and is part of the Y Combinator W22 batch. The company specializes in the B2B sector, focusing specifically on providing solutions for companies and agencies involved in web3. Blaze offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to support customer engagement in the tokenized world. This includes features for lead generation, social and community management, quests and rewards, ads, and wallet CRM.

Blaze’s platform allows businesses to curate segments for targeted marketing, engage and retain users, and analyze the effectiveness of various campaigns. It supports robust management of community channels and content calendars on platforms like Discord and Twitter, and facilitates the building of onboarding and engagement workflows. Additionally, the platform enables segmentation and communication with users through direct messaging and email, and supports automation of outreach efforts. Blaze also offers capabilities for running targeted paid campaigns and provides a database of over 40 million users for enhanced targeting.

The company’s website features a feature store, interactive and video demos, and detailed pricing information. Blaze also provides a data app, a partner program, and a section called Blazeverse. For further learning and insights, Blaze publishes case studies, playbooks, documentation, and blogs, including resources like the State of Wallet Messaging and the Impact of Web3 events.

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