SFA Therapeutics

Company Overview

SFA Therapeutics, formerly known as SFA Therapeutics, Inc., is a healthcare company based in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The company operates in the therapeutics sub-industry and has a team of four members. It is part of the Y-Combinator S21 batch and serves regions including the United States of America, America/Canada, Remote, and Partly Remote areas.

Therapeutic Areas and Compounds

SFA Therapeutics has compounds in development for a variety of conditions, including autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, liver diseases, dermatology, ophthalmology, and oncology. The company's pipeline includes treatments for Psoriasis, Liver Cancer (Hepatitis B, NASH, and HCC), Ophthalmic Diseases, Cytokine Release Syndrome, and the Prevention of Relapse/Recurrence in Leukemias. The focus is on developing microbiome-derived drugs sourced from natural substances to create safer treatments for over 85 chronic inflammatory diseases.

Clinical Development Focus

The clinical development efforts at SFA Therapeutics emphasize several key areas: Autoimmune Diseases, Infectious Disease, Liver Diseases, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and Oncology. The company aims to block the root causes of many chronic inflammatory diseases through the development of safe oral drugs, targeting diseases stemming from chronic inflammation.

Innovative Treatment Approaches

SFA Therapeutics is working on the creation of therapeutically-tailored oral drugs that regulate the immune system using bacterial metabolites. These microbiome-derived treatments are designed to address the immune system's regulation, providing new treatment options that aim to be safer than existing therapies.

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Dice Therapeutics, based in South San Francisco, California, focuses on developing oral small molecule therapeutics for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, with a pipeline that includes treatments targeting IL-17, integrins, and PD-L1.

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