Ira C. Spector

CEO, Co-Founder @ SFA Therapeutics

Ira C. Spector, CEO and Co-Founder of SFA Therapeutics, has successfully led the Phase 1b clinical trial of SFA-002 for psoriasis, showing no adverse events and high efficacy.

Ira C. Spector - CEO and Co-Founder

Ira C. Spector serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of SFA Therapeutics. Under his leadership, the company focuses on developing first-in-class immuno-modulation therapies aimed at treating autoimmune diseases. Spector has been instrumental in advancing the company's portfolio, which includes both clinical and pre-clinical assets for a variety of inflammatory diseases. He has overseen the significant progress in the clinical trials and developments of their lead asset, SFA-002.

Ira C. Spector - Phase 1b Clinical Trial of SFA-002

Ira C. Spector announced positive results from the Phase 1b cohort 1 clinical trial of SFA-002, an orally-administered drug for treating mild-to-moderate chronic plaque psoriasis. The trial, an open-label prospective study, reported no related adverse events or toxicities during the treatment period and follow-up. SFA-002 acts on multiple therapeutic pathways, providing an immunomodulatory effect. The second cohort of the Phase 1b trial is ongoing, with a readout anticipated by the end of 2023.

SFA-002 for Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis affects 125 million people worldwide, and SFA Therapeutics is addressing this with SFA-002, their leading asset. According to Dr. Daniel Sauder, SFA-002 is an incredibly safe oral drug with high efficacy. The drug's phase 1b clinical trial has shown promise, and further results are expected by the end of 2023. SFA-002 is part of SFA Therapeutics' innovative immuno-modulation platform, which focuses on providing effective treatments for autoimmune diseases.

Ira C. Spector - Published Research on Short-Chain Fatty Acids

Ira C. Spector contributed to the scientific community by publishing an article titled 'Short-chain fatty acids in cancer pathogenesis'. This research explores how SCFAs can re-establish homeostasis without causing overt toxicity and can either delay or prevent the development of various tumor types. SCFAs have been shown to block cancer stem cell proliferation and target genes and pathways that are mutated in tumors, highlighting their potential in cancer therapy.

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Mark Feitelson, CSO and Co-Founder, has published significant research on 'Short-chain fatty acids in cancer pathogenesis' and is leading the development of SFA-002, a promising drug for psoriasis showing positive results in clinical trials.

Mike Moyer

Investor Relations @ SFA Therapeutics

Mike Moyer is an Investor Relations professional at LifeSci Advisors, involved in significant financing and clinical trial projects for psoriasis treatment.