Mike Moyer

Investor Relations @ SFA Therapeutics

Mike Moyer is an Investor Relations professional at LifeSci Advisors, involved in significant financing and clinical trial projects for psoriasis treatment.

Mike Moyer at LifeSci Advisors

Mike Moyer is currently engaged in Investor Relations at LifeSci Advisors. In his role, he focuses on bridging the gap between investors and innovative healthcare solutions. His work at LifeSci Advisors highlights his involvement in critical financial and strategic initiatives aimed at supporting biotech and pharmaceutical advancements.

Mike Moyer and Bridge Financing

Mike Moyer played a significant role in securing bridge financing of $4.5 million led by North South Ventures. This financing is a crucial component in providing necessary capital for ongoing and future projects, underscoring his essential role in ensuring financial stability and growth for key initiatives within the company.

SFA-002 Phase 1b Clinical Trial

Mike Moyer was part of the team that announced positive results from the SFA-002 Phase 1b cohort 1 clinical trial for the treatment of mild-to-moderate psoriasis. These results mark a significant milestone in the development of SFA-002, an oral pill aimed at treating psoriasis by modulating immune responses and reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines involved in the disease.

Mike Moyer's Work on SFA-002

Mike Moyer is actively involved in the development of SFA-002, an oral pill designed to act on multiple therapeutic pathways. This drug provides an immunomodulatory effect, which is crucial for the treatment of mild-to-moderate psoriasis. SFA-002 works by down-regulating pro-inflammatory cytokines, demonstrating potential in addressing a significant unmet medical need.

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