Alla Arzumanyan

CDO, Co-Founder @ SFA Therapeutics

Alla Arzumanyan is a CDO and Co-Founder with a PhD in Biotechnology, specializing in stem cell cancers, HBV, and the GI microbiome.

Alla Arzumanyan Company

Alla Arzumanyan is the Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer (CDO) of an unspecified company. In her role, she strategizes and leads developmental initiatives, leveraging extensive industry experience to influence company growth and direction. Her involvement in the company's founding highlights her commitment to innovation and leadership in the biotechnological sector.

Alla Arzumanyan Education and Expertise

Alla Arzumanyan earned a PhD in Biotechnology from Yerevan University in Armenia. This advanced education laid the foundation for her expertise in various critical areas of biotechnology. Her research and practical knowledge span across stem cell cancers, Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), and the gastrointestinal (GI) microbiome, making her a valuable resource in scientific and medical communities.

Alla Arzumanyan Professional Background

In her professional journey, Alla Arzumanyan has accumulated 25 years of experience. She has held significant academic positions, including serving as an Assistant Professor at both Temple University and Jefferson University. In these roles, she contributed to academic advancements and mentored the next generation of biotechnologists. Her professional stints include work with HEC (Sunshine Lake Pharma Co.), Theravectys, and ThirdLaw, where she applied her expertise to drive research and development initiatives.

Alla Arzumanyan Achievements

Throughout her career, Alla Arzumanyan has made substantial contributions to her field. While specific projects or accolades are not detailed, her extensive 25-year experience and roles at renowned institutions and companies underline her impactful influence in biotechnology. Her expertise in areas such as stem cell cancers, HBV, and the GI microbiome positions her as a key contributor to scientific progress and innovation.

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