Company Overview

Scispot, formerly known as Inc., is a company based in Kitchener, ON, Canada, specializing in B2B solutions for the biotech industry. With a team of 12, the company is part of the Y-Combinator S21 batch. It offers a comprehensive toolkit that includes an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), integrations, and analytics, all within a single platform. Scispot serves over 100 biotech companies across various regions including Canada and operates in both remote and partly remote settings.


Scispot provides a suite of services tailored for biotech companies. Its platform supports the design of data infrastructure, automation of workflows and integrations, and preparation of data for machine learning and artificial intelligence without the need for coding. Users can access pre-made blueprints for experiments, teamwork, and data management. The platform offers both a user-friendly interface for setup and customization and a command-line interface for advanced users. Core features include lab documentation, project management, inventory tracking, sample management, and more.


Scispot's product offerings are centered around its integrated platform that encompasses an ELN, LIMS, analytics, and integrations. The toolkit supports various aspects of biotech operations, including lab documentation, project management, sample and inventory management, and computational biology. Its solutions cater specifically to CROs, CDMOs, industrial biotech firms, biomanufacturers, and bioprocessing entities. Additionally, Scispot provides a developer toolkit and API for custom data model building and function deployment, enhancing its versatility.

Client Demographics

Scispot serves a diverse range of clients within the biotech industry, including startups, scale-ups, and established entities such as CROs, CDMOs, and biomanufacturers. The company supports high-throughput screening, cell line research, computational biology, microbiology, and lab animal management among other specialties. With a client base of over 100 biotech companies, Scispot's platform accommodates various operational needs through GxP compliance and ELN validation.

Integration and Collaboration

Scispot integrates with over 100 third-party applications to centralize lab data, fostering an environment for collaborative experiments and automated lab management. The platform's integration capabilities streamline data flows and enhance analytics, facilitating effective data management across different experimental processes. This integrated approach supports seamless collaboration within teams and between different departments involved in biotech research and development.

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