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Rosebud Biosciences, previously known as Rosebud Biosciences Inc., operates out of San Francisco and San Carlos, California. With a team of three, the company is a part of the healthcare industry, specifically within the therapeutics sub-industry. Rosebud Biosciences specializes in accelerating drug development by screening drugs against organoids that mimic the gene mutations of patients. These organoids are fetal-like, which is crucial for discovering novel drug targets for pediatric diseases. The company’s technology, which has been validated at Stanford and published in a prestigious journal, integrates organoids with machine learning and molecular advancements to create a patented platform for quick, accurate, and scalable modeling of genetic diseases. This approach not only aims to reduce the cost and time associated with pre-clinical testing of both novel and repurposed drugs but also expects to achieve higher success rates by focusing on modeling human development rather than degeneration. Rosebud Biosciences has made significant strides in its own drug discovery efforts, particularly by identifying a drug target in pediatric heart disease using its technology. The company actively seeks pharmaceutical partners for pilot projects, especially in the areas of heart and liver disease therapies. It participates in global markets, including the United States, America/Canada, and offers remote and partly remote working arrangements. As a member of the Y-Combinator W22 batch, Rosebud Biosciences continues to partner with other therapeutics companies to screen their drugs while also advancing its initiatives in rare disease therapeutics.

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