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Company Overview of Query Vary

Query Vary, formerly known as Syncware Pte Ltd and Syncware, is based in San Francisco, CA, USA. The company operates in the B2B sector, specifically within the sub-industry of engineering, product, and design. With a team size of six, Query Vary is focused on providing advanced technological solutions to improve app development quality and assurance (QA). It serves regions including the United States, America / Canada, Remote, and Partly Remote areas.

Y Combinator Backing and W22 Batch

Query Vary is a notable participant in the Y Combinator, having been part of the W22 batch. This backing emphasizes the company's potential and innovation in its field. Y Combinator is known for supporting and accelerating startups, and Query Vary benefits from this association through mentorship and resources provided by Y Combinator.

B2B Services for Large Language Models

Query Vary offers a comprehensive test suite for Large Language Models (LLMs), designed to assist developers, product managers, CTOs, and end-users in designing, testing, and refining prompts systematically. The suite includes tools for debugging prompts and involves LLM experts in app development. It also focuses on building testing infrastructure and enhancing user experience through improved quality and reliability.

Features and Tools

Query Vary features a multi-provider playground, manual and automatic evaluation, prompt metrics, and PDF embedding. It also integrates with platforms like WhatsApp and Slack. These tools are aimed at offering robust solutions for designing and testing LLM prompts, ensuring high-quality app development and user experience.

Community Support and Learning Resources

Query Vary provides community support for all its users, fostering an environment for sharing knowledge and troubleshooting. The company also maintains a blog section that serves as a hub for learning resources related to LLMs. Additionally, Query Vary has been featured on platforms like 'There's an AI for That', AI Repo Hub, and Future Tools, highlighting its relevance and contribution to the industry.

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