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Humand is a B2B company located in San Francisco, CA, USA, with a team of 130 employees. It operates within the Human Resources sub-industry and is part of the Y-Combinator batch W22. The company provides a digital platform designed to transform internal communications, culture, and HR processes. This platform includes a variety of AI-powered Mini Apps such as Forms & Smart Workflows, an Internal Social Network, and Chat functionalities. Additional features include Time Off management, Company Magazine, Surveys, Smart Intranet, Kudos, Learning, Onboarding, Org chart, and Company Files management. It also offers Perks & Benefits, Birthdays & Work Anniversaries, Employee Development, Electronic Signature, Smart Tickets, Marketplace, Calendar & Events, Agenda, and Integrations. Humand serves over 130 companies, including notable clients like ArcelorMittal, Tenaris, and NSG group. The platform is particularly designed to connect workers without direct computer access to their company resources anytime, anywhere, aiming to enhance communication speed, streamline information flow, and enable targeted reach to employees with push notifications. The adoption of Humand’s digital Community has reportedly led to an enriched work environment, increased employee camaraderie, and a surge in productivity. The company serves regions including the United States of America, America/Canada, and offers fully remote options.

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