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Flightcontrol, founded on February 28, 2022, and based in Dayton, Ohio, specializes in providing AWS infrastructure solutions tailored for B2B clients. The company, which participated in Y Combinator’s W22 batch, employs a small team of six and supports a fully remote operational model. Flightcontrol’s platform is designed to be 200 times faster than building infrastructure from scratch and aims to significantly reduce devops overhead by 95%, allowing developers to deploy and scale services efficiently and cost-effectively. The company serves a broad range of customers across the United States and Canada, offering features such as Elastic Container Service, ElastiCache for Redis, and Lambda@Edge, among others. Flightcontrol is committed to continuous expansion, with plans to introduce additional services like Terraform and Kubernetes. They also engage their audience through a blog that discusses various AWS infrastructure and devops topics, and provide a free trial along with options to book demos.

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