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companies that sell an enterprise product

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Feb 26, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
SimpleHash SimpleHash offers an enterprise product with its NFT API services, including enterprise SLAs, indicating it sells to enterprise customers.
WhiteLab Genomics WhiteLab Genomics offers an AI platform for genomic therapy development, which is an enterprise product aimed at accelerating the discovery and design of genomic therapies.
Massdriver Massdriver sells an enterprise product, as evidenced by their solutions for enterprise platform engineering and cloud operations, designed to scale, automate, and observe robust enterprise cloud architectures.
Reality Defender Reality Defender sells an enterprise-grade deepfake detection platform targeting enterprises for fraud prevention and content security.
ThereCraft ThereCraft offers high-endurance, low-cost operations worldwide, targeting cargo and various specialized services, which aligns with selling an enterprise product.
Mono Mono offers corporate bank accounts with integrated financial management solutions for SMEs, which qualifies as an enterprise product.