Brandon Bayer

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About Brandon Bayer

Brandon Bayer is the CEO and co-founder of Flightcontrol, known for creating Blitz.js, a widely-used open-source Next.js toolkit.

Known information

Brandon Bayer serves as the CEO and co-founder of Flightcontrol, a role he took on after a successful career as a fullstack software engineer. He is renowned for developing Blitz.js, an open-source Next.js toolkit that has been adopted by thousands of companies globally. In addition to his professional achievements in the tech industry, Bayer is also a licensed airplane and helicopter pilot, showcasing a diverse set of skills and interests.

About Flightcontrol

Flightcontrol, headquartered in Dayton, OH, offers developer-first AWS infrastructure solutions, aiming to simplify and accelerate deployment processes for B2B clients without the need for extensive devops teams.

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