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Telematica offers a universal API that connects directly to electric vehicles (EVs), home chargers, batteries, HVACs, and solar inverters. Their API supports over 500 energy device integrations, enabling the creation of virtual power plants (VPPs), running demand response programs, and developing smart charging apps. The company also facilitates HVAC optimization by automating pre-heating or pre-cooling of spaces before peak periods, and streamlines home energy consumption to reduce bills.


Telematica provides a universal API designed to connect various energy devices and systems. Their offerings include standard and custom pricing plans. The standard plan allows connection of up to 10 devices with 1000 API calls per device per month at no cost. The custom plan offers flexibility for an unlimited number of devices with a custom number of API calls, granting access to all API endpoints, including webhooks and simulators. This API is essential for optimizing distributed energy resources and intelligent EV charging during low-cost energy periods.


Telematica maintains an active blog section on their website, covering pertinent topics in the energy sector. Articles include 'Virtual Power Plants 101: Understanding the Future of Energy,' which discusses the benefits and importance of VPPs, and several pieces focused on optimizing solar inverters, home batteries, and simplifying home energy device integration. The blog serves as a resource for understanding the company’s role and advancements in energy management and integration technologies.


Telematica operates out of two primary locations: San Francisco, CA, USA, and London, England, United Kingdom. These offices enable the company to serve clients in both the United States and Europe, enhancing their reach and customer support capabilities. Additionally, Telematica supports remote and partly remote work arrangements, broadening their talent pool and fostering a flexible work environment.

Industry and Sub-industry

Telematica functions within the Business-to-Business (B2B) industry, focusing on engineering, product, and design. Their technological solutions target energy management and optimization, catering to businesses that require advanced integration and control of distributed energy resources. The company's expertise lies in developing APIs that aid in energy efficiency, cost reduction, and the deployment of virtual power plants.

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