Company Overview

Phykos, previously known as Phykos PBC, is based in San Francisco, CA, USA, with a fully remote team of two. Operating within the climate sector of the industrials industry, Phykos specializes in growing seaweed to stabilize the climate. As a Y-Combinator S21 batch company, Phykos focuses on amplifying natural marine carbon cycles to effectively remove excess atmospheric CO2 at climate-relevant scales. Registered as a Public Benefit Corporation, Phykos is dedicated to environmental sustainability and climate protection.

Seaweed Carbon Sequestration

Phykos utilizes a seaweed carbon sequestration process that mimics natural marine processes to capture and store atmospheric CO2. The company cultivates seaweed and sinks it deep in the ocean, targeting depths over 1500 meters to ensure that the carbon remains sequestered safely for over 1,000 years. This nature-based carbon removal approach benefits ocean ecosystems by cleaning, cooling, and de-acidifying the waters.

Robotic Seaweed Growth Platforms

Phykos employs robotic seaweed growth platforms designed to optimize seaweed growth while avoiding sensitive ocean environments. These advanced platforms enable precise cultivation, ensuring maximum carbon capture efficacy. By focusing growth efforts on regions suited for durable carbon sequestration, Phykos aims to enhance the sustainability and effectiveness of their climate intervention strategy.

Carbon Offsets Sales

Phykos sells carbon offsets derived from their seaweed carbon sequestration process to help organizations meet their climate protection commitments. The company plans to open its sales pipeline in 2023, leveraging a network of trusted brokers. These carbon offsets offer a nature-based solution for reducing atmospheric CO2 levels, benefitting both the environment and businesses committed to sustainability.

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Phykos Employees

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