Nico Julian

Founder and CEO @ Phykos

Nico Julian: Founder and CEO

Nico Julian holds the position of Founder and CEO. He has extensive experience in various advanced technological domains. In his current role, he leverages his background and expertise to steer his company toward innovative solutions and impactful projects. Nico's leadership and vision are central to the firm's direction and success.

Nico Julian's Education in Mechanical Engineering

Nico Julian studied Mechanical Engineering, equipping him with a robust foundation in the principles and applications of this field. His education has been instrumental in enabling him to tackle complex problems and work on sophisticated engineering projects throughout his career.

Professional Background: Google X and Beyond

Nico Julian met his co-founder Jeff Zerger during his tenure at Google X, where he was involved in moonshots and new project initiatives. This experience included working on diverse technologies such as solar power, wireless lighting efficiency, marine satellite communications, stratospheric balloon networks, and satellite command and control systems. This versatile background has significantly shaped his professional journey.

Nico Julian's Practical Experience in Construction and Agriculture

Beyond his technological endeavors, Nico Julian has hands-on experience in building houses and farms. This practical knowledge adds a unique dimension to his skill set, showcasing his ability to engage in and understand the intricacies of construction and agricultural practices.

Nico Julian's Global Travels and Environmental Observations

Nico Julian has traveled widely, gaining a broad perspective on environmental and cultural diversity. His journeys have given him firsthand insights into the importance of preserving the natural world, further informing his approach to sustainable and innovative technological solutions.

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