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Overview of Seabound

Seabound, formerly known as SeaCycle and Seabound Carbon, is a company based in London, England, United Kingdom. Operating within the industrials sub-industry focused on climate solutions, Seabound specializes in developing carbon capture equipment for ships. With a focus on reducing CO2 emissions up to 95%, the company aims to help shipowners comply with new global regulations and meet increasing regulatory, customer, and shareholder pressures.

Carbon Capture Technology

Seabound's carbon capture technology is designed to trap up to 95% of CO2 emissions from ships. The captured CO2 is converted into solid carbonate pebbles, which are easy to offload. The system offers low capital expenditure (CAPEX), a simple and compact design, quick installation, and is fully automated for remote monitoring. Additionally, the ample supply of sorbent ensures sustained CO2 capture rates between 25-95%. The carbonate byproduct is collected and offloaded at key ports, where it is either recycled for reuse or the CO2 is sequestered or sold for fuel production.


Seabound collaborates with several notable partners, including EMLES Venture Partners, Eastern Pacific Shipping, Lowercarbon Capital, Rebel Fund, Soma Capital, Y Combinator, Leap Forward Ventures, Hawktail, Lomar, Lomar Labs, and R2 Labs. These partnerships are instrumental in advancing the company's mission to provide effective carbon capture solutions for the maritime industry.

News and Media Coverage

Seabound has been featured in various news articles and press releases across multiple platforms, such as Edie, Lloyd's List, Splash 247, The Next Web, Cheddar News, Innovate UK, Riviera, Energy Institute, Business Insider, BBC StoryWorks, Carbon Herald, The Engineer, Ship Technology, and Forbes. This extensive media coverage highlights the company's innovative approach and growing influence in the industry.

Careers at Seabound

Seabound is actively hiring for several positions, including Research Engineer (Chemical), Thermal Fluids Engineer, Senior Structures Engineer, and Mechanical Engineer, all based in London. The company encourages open applications for individuals who do not see a listed role that fits their expertise. Seabound seeks to expand its team to further its mission of reducing CO2 emissions in the maritime industry.

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