Center for Breakthrough Medicines

Integrated Services

The Center for Breakthrough Medicines offers fully integrated services, providing drug substance and drug product capabilities for all phases of the product lifecycle. These services are consolidated at a single site, facilitating seamless transitions between different stages of development and manufacturing. This integrated approach supports pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients from research and development to manufacturing and commercialization of advanced therapies.

Manufacturing Capabilities

The Center for Breakthrough Medicines provides a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, including process development, analytical development and testing, plasmid DNA manufacturing, viral vector manufacturing, and cell therapy manufacturing. They operate over 20 viral vector suites and 20 cell processing suites. Additionally, the company boasts a 200L GMP plasmid manufacturing capacity, making it a significant player in the advanced therapy manufacturing space.

Analytical Assays

The Center for Breakthrough Medicines conducts over 180 analytical assays, providing comprehensive testing services to ensure the quality and efficacy of advanced therapies. These analytical assays are pivotal in supporting the development and manufacturing processes, allowing for precise measurements and evaluations to drive successful therapeutic outcomes.

Mission to Accelerate Therapies

The Center for Breakthrough Medicines aims to accelerate the development and manufacturing of advanced therapies to save lives. This mission underscores their commitment to supporting pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients in bringing new therapies from concept to market as efficiently as possible, ultimately aiming to improve patient outcomes on a global scale.

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