Company Overview

CellChorus, located in Houston, TX, and San Carlos, CA, is a healthcare company specializing in the industrial bio sub-sector. The team of three employs artificial intelligence to analyze thousands of microscopy videos to evaluate immune cell behavior over time. The company was part of Y-Combinator's S21 batch and operates in regions including the United States, America/Canada, remote, and partly remote settings.


CellChorus aids customers in discovering, developing, manufacturing, and delivering cell therapies, antibodies, vaccines, and other novel treatments. Their services focus on increasing speed, reducing expenses, and enhancing success rates in the development process for top-25 biopharma companies and seed-stage biotechs.

TIMING Platform

The TIMING platform offered by CellChorus quantifies the spatiotemporal performance of thousands of immune cells. Utilizing Time-lapse Imaging Microscopy in Nanowell Grids, combined with neural network-based detection, this platform evaluates individual cell-cell interactions. This technology enables high-throughput characterization of cell behaviors at single-cell resolution.

Technological Capabilities

CellChorus utilizes advanced methodologies to characterize immune cell functions, such as migration, cell-cell interactions, cytotoxicity, survival, and biomolecule secretion. These high-throughput, single-cell resolution techniques are adaptable to various biological contexts, cell types, and applications, enhancing the study and development of immunotherapies.


CellChorus serves a clientele base that includes top-25 biopharma companies and seed-stage biotech firms. Their focus is on advancing cell therapies, antibody therapeutics, and vaccines, providing substantial support through their innovative AI-driven platforms and imaging technologies.

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CellChorus Employees

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