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Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Speechly operates within the B2B industry, focusing on advanced voice processing technologies. The company has a compact team of 10 employees and has been part of the Y Combinator W22 batch. Speechly’s offerings include real-time transcription services, Hosted Whisper which is a fully managed Whisper as a Service, and voice command and control features specifically designed for gaming environments. Their patented technology enables high-accuracy speech-to-text models and the ability to handle over 100 million hours of audio data through their Voice API. In 2023, Speechly joined Roblox and received SOC 2 Type II certification, underscoring its commitment to secure and reliable service delivery. The company’s solutions are tailored for moderating voice chats in both AR/VR and traditional online gaming environments, with capabilities to detect and moderate content like profanities and toxicity in real-time. Speechly also provides on-device solutions for podcasts, videos, and streaming, making it cost-effective and efficient in processing spoken language understanding directly on the end user’s device. Additionally, the company offers a Natural Language Understanding API for Speech that operates on-device, turning vast amounts of audio data into actionable insights. Speechly serves a broad region including Finland, Europe, and offers both remote and partly remote services, catering to a global clientele in the early stage of business.

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