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About Adam

Adam is the Head of Vehicle Engineering at Olympian Motors, known for his significant contributions to the development of the Modular Vehicle and Drivetrain System which has dramatically reduced production costs and time.

Known information

Adam serves as the Head of Vehicle Engineering at Olympian Motors, where he has played a pivotal role in the engineering of the Modular Vehicle and Drivetrain System (MVDS). This system features a ‘Lego’ like architecture with 4 core hardware modules and 2 software/OS modules, notably reducing complexity in manufacturing. Adam’s efforts have led to a 75-80% reduction in tooling, machinery, fitment, and labor costs. Furthermore, he has been instrumental in accelerating the production lead-time by 60% compared to traditional automakers in the United States, shortening the design-to-production period from over six years to just eight months.

Adam has also been involved in introducing a robust, innovative, modular manufacturing and supply-chain model that eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy and inefficiencies in the production process. His team prioritizes the use of sustainable materials like steel, wood, and recycled components, steering clear of cheap plastics and harmful chemicals. Additionally, Adam has contributed to the development of the Olympian Operating System (OOS), which powers minimalistic yet technologically advanced cockpits in Olympian vehicles. His collaborative work environment includes a diverse team of engineers, builders, and makers, working closely with various leads and advisors to push the boundaries of electric vehicle manufacturing.

About Olympian Motors

Olympian Motors, based in New York, is an innovative electric vehicle manufacturer targeting a 7% U.S. market share by 2030 with its modular vehicle and drivetrain architecture.

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