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About Nicholas

Nicholas is a key member of the Product & Engineering team at Olympian Motors, a company focused on manufacturing modular electric vehicles with an emphasis on aesthetics, minimalism, and sustainability.

Known information

Nicholas has been an integral part of Olympian Motors since its inception in 2021. Based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York, he is deeply involved in the development of the Olympian Operating System and works on the innovative modular vehicle and drivetrain system, which features a ‘Lego’ architecture. This design approach has led to significant reductions in tooling, machinery, fitment, and labor costs, and has enabled the production model to have a much faster lead time compared to traditional automakers. Nicholas and his team are committed to reinventing automotive manufacturing by focusing on agility, speed, and cost-efficiency. They aim to capture a 7% market share in the U.S. automotive market by 2030. Additionally, the vehicles are noted for their superior battery efficiency in urban areas and the use of sustainable materials like steel, wood, and recycled components. Nicholas’s work at Olympian Motors not only emphasizes technical innovation but also prioritizes aesthetics, minimalism, and user experience in vehicle design.

About Olympian Motors

Olympian Motors, based in New York, is an innovative electric vehicle manufacturer targeting a 7% U.S. market share by 2030 with its modular vehicle and drivetrain architecture.

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