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About Gigi

Gigi is the Head of Drivetrain at Olympian Motors, a New York-based electric vehicle company focused on innovative, sustainable vehicle design and production.

Known information

Gigi has been an integral part of Olympian Motors since its inception in 2021, serving as the Head of Drivetrain. Based in New York, Gigi plays a crucial role in the development of the Modular Vehicle and Drivetrain System (MVDS), which consists of four core hardware modules and two software/OS modules. This system is designed to prioritize aesthetics, minimalism, and the use of sustainable materials, setting it apart from conventional automotive designs that often rely on standardized components and toxic materials. Gigi’s responsibilities extend to overseeing technology and intellectual property development partnerships with various mobility and engineering companies located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Additionally, Gigi collaborates with a network of Tier-1 and Tier-2 Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), contract manufacturers, component suppliers, and engineering partners across locations in Farmington and Detroit. This collaboration focuses on numerous aspects of vehicle production including quality control, testing, CNC, metal and wood processing, 3D printing, painting, and final assembly. Gigi works closely with key team members at Olympian Motors, including Eren, the CEO and Chief Architect, and other department leads, contributing to the company’s goal of capturing 7% of the U.S. automotive market by 2030. Under Gigi’s leadership, the company has achieved significant reductions in tooling, machinery, fitment, and labor costs, and has notably faster production lead times compared to traditional automakers. This efficiency is part of Olympian Motors’ broader strategy to bring high-quality, aesthetically pleasing electric vehicles to market more quickly and sustainably.

About Olympian Motors

Olympian Motors, based in New York, is an innovative electric vehicle manufacturer targeting a 7% U.S. market share by 2030 with its modular vehicle and drivetrain architecture.

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