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Oz is a Manufacturing Lead based in New York, specializing in advanced manufacturing techniques for modular electric vehicles (EVs) and playing a key role in significantly reducing production costs and lead times.

Oz - Manufacturing Lead

Oz holds the position of Manufacturing Lead, focusing on advanced manufacturing processes and technologies. Based in New York, Oz operates across multiple facets of smart manufacturing including smart adaptive tooling, robotic welding, CNC, 3D printing, wiring harness, low voltage, module calibration, testing, and final assembly. Working at locations such as the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York and Farmington, Detroit, Oz plays a crucial role in manufacturing highly modular electric vehicles (EVs) through a decentralized production model.

Expertise in Smart Manufacturing Technologies

Oz has substantial expertise in a wide range of smart manufacturing technologies. These include smart adaptive tooling, robotic welding, CNC machining, and 3D printing. Additional responsibilities encompass wiring harness assembly, low voltage management, module calibration, and final assembly processes. This expertise helps facilitate a highly automated production environment, essential for manufacturing modular EVs with minimal inventory and capital expenditure.

Decentralized Production Model

As part of a decentralized production team, Oz contributes to an innovative manufacturing model that spans multiple locations including Brooklyn Navy Yard and Farmington, Detroit. This model emphasizes low inventory, low capital expenditure, and high automation, leading to significant cost reductions and efficiency gains in manufacturing highly modular electric vehicles. The operation also involves extensive collaborations with Tier-1 and Tier-2 Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), contract manufacturers, component suppliers, quality control, testing, and engineering partners.

Achievements in Manufacturing Efficiency

Oz's contributions have led to impressive achievements in the manufacturing sector. The team has achieved a 75-80% reduction in tooling, machinery, fitment, and labor costs. Additionally, the production lead-time has been shortened by 60% compared to legacy automakers in the United States. The design-to-production period has also been significantly reduced from over six years to just eight months, reflecting the robustness and innovation of the modular manufacturing model.

Technology and IP Development Partnerships

Oz is actively involved in technology and intellectual property (IP) development partnerships with various mobility and engineering companies situated in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. These collaborations aim to advance manufacturing processes and technologies, ensuring continued innovation and competitiveness in the production of modular electric vehicles. By working closely with these partners, the team enhances both technology integration and supply chain efficiency.

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