CEO & Chief Architect @ Olympian Motors

Eren, CEO and Chief Architect of Olympian Motors, founded the company in 2021 in New York, focusing on creating environmentally responsible and aesthetically minimalist electric vehicles with an aim to capture 7% of the U.S. automotive market by 2030.

CEO and Chief Architect of Olympian Motors

Eren is the CEO and Chief Architect of Olympian Motors, a company he founded in 2021 in New York. Under his leadership, Olympian Motors is focused on revolutionizing vehicle design with an emphasis on aesthetics, minimalism, and user experience. Eren's vision involves creating environmentally responsible vehicles dedicated to great minds, entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists. His innovative approach prioritizes sustainable materials over toxic chemicals and aims to set new standards in the automotive industry.

Eren's Dedication to Sustainable Vehicle Manufacturing

Eren places a strong emphasis on sustainability in vehicle manufacturing at Olympian Motors. The company uses steel, wood, recycled materials, and avoids cheap plastics and toxic chemicals. Olympian vehicles are inspired by the traditional Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, integrating nature with minimalism. Collaborating with exclusive suppliers and leading material technology companies, Eren ensures that the materials used in the cars, such as cashmere and silk, are both luxurious and environmentally friendly.

Innovations in Modular Vehicle Design by Olympian Motors

Eren introduced the Olympian Modular Vehicle & Drivetrain System, comprising four core hardware modules and two software modules. This innovative system significantly reduces tooling, machinery, and labor costs by 75-80%, and speeds up production lead times by 60% compared to legacy automakers. The modular design also shortens the design-to-production period from over six years to just eight months, enabling faster market responsiveness and enhanced efficiency in manufacturing processes.

Olympian Motors' Market Share Ambitions

Eren aims for Olympian Motors to capture a 7% market share in the U.S. automotive market by 2030. The company's focus is on the light passenger-vehicle market, with the first test drives starting at their Brooklyn facility. Plans are in place for Olympian cars, such as the Model O1 and Model 84, to be available for sale in New York and California. Eren's strategic objectives involve making significant strides in superior battery efficiency to surpass competitors like Tesla Model 3 and Rivian Model R1T.

Advanced Safety Features in Olympian Vehicles

Under Eren's leadership, Olympian Motors prioritizes safety alongside innovation. Olympian vehicles are designed with ultimate safety in mind, incorporating materials such as titanium and military-grade carbon fiber. The vehicles feature minimalistic driver cockpits by removing 80% of traditional buttons and switches, focusing instead on advanced voice-first command and control systems. These safety and usability enhancements underscore Olympian Motors' commitment to providing a secure and intuitive driving experience.

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