Lightly offers a range of services tailored to data preparation and labeling for image and video formats. The company supports filtering of common data formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, and WebP, providing custom data preparation and data labeling quality assessments. They offer an automated pre-labeling engine for enterprise solutions. Lightly provides pay-per-use pricing at $0.01 per input image and offers various pricing plans including Community, Team, and Custom plans. Their services extend to on-premise and private cloud solutions upon request.

Pricing Plans

Lightly offers several pricing plans to accommodate different user needs. The Community plan is free and includes various features such as active learning, analytics, and data storage integration with AWS S3, Google Cloud, and Azure. It supports image data types up to 1024px and has a dataset limit of 25k inputs. The Team plan is priced at $280 per month and includes 2 seats, dataset sharing, a team dashboard, and support for video and image data types up to Quad HD with an input dataset limit of 100k. Additionally, custom plans are available which can be tailored to specific requirements, including extensive features like 4K UHD support, object-level (crops), and more. Lightly also offers yearly billing with a 20% savings on the Team plan.

Location and Team

Lightly is based in Zürich, ZH, Switzerland. The team consists of 5 members specializing in the B2B industry, specifically in the sub-industries of engineering, product, and design. The company operates within regions that include Switzerland, Europe, and offers remote and partly remote work arrangements.

Special Programs and Offers

Lightly provides various special programs and offers including free access for students, academics, lightly OSS contributors, and non-profit organizations upon contact. The company offers discounts for startups, freelancers, long-term contracts, trial periods, and has a referral program. Additionally, they support a range of infrastructure solutions such as on-premise and private cloud installations upon request.

Y Combinator Affiliation

Lightly is affiliated with Y Combinator, having participated in the S21 batch. This affiliation likely provided foundational support and access to a network of facilitators which aids in their technological and business development initiatives.

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