Mark Sebastian

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About Mark Sebastian

Mark Sebastian is the Co-founder and COO based in Berlin, Germany, specializing in AML compliance, fraud prevention, and risk management, with a focus on automated and API-driven solutions.

Known information

Mark Sebastian, based in Berlin, Germany, serves as the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer with extensive expertise in anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, fraud prevention, and overall risk management. He has played a pivotal role in refining strategies and implementing automated solutions to enhance compliance workflows. Mark’s experience encompasses working with API-driven platforms that streamline processes and improve efficiency in compliance management. Additionally, he has been instrumental in launching and managing whitelabel solutions tailored for the Latin American (LatAm) region, demonstrating a strong capability in adapting risk infrastructure to diverse markets. His work integrates advanced technology with strategic oversight, ensuring robust and compliant operations across different geographical areas.

About Flagright

Flagright is a B2B company headquartered in Singapore, specializing in AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions for fintechs and banks, utilizing advanced AI technologies to enhance operational efficiency and scalability.

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