Kęstutis Dalinkevičius

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About Kęstutis Dalinkevičius

Kęstutis Dalinkevičius is an Engineering Team Lead who successfully integrated Flagright's AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions into his company's tech stack, praising its straightforwardness and scalability.

Known information

Kęstutis Dalinkevičius serves as an Engineering Team Lead and has played a pivotal role in integrating Flagright’s AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions into his organization’s technology framework. He shared that the integration process was unexpectedly straightforward, attributing this ease to Flagright’s intuitive, entity-oriented API, which he found to be both consistent and scalable. Kęstutis noted that his company, ‘kevin.’, was able to seamlessly map its internal entities into Flagright’s flexible and extensive schema, which not only met their specific needs but also provided the adaptability required for future challenges. He also commended Flagright for their well-documented solutions and the highly responsive, efficient technical support they offered throughout the integration process.

About Flagright

Flagright is a B2B company headquartered in Singapore, specializing in AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions for fintechs and banks, utilizing advanced AI technologies to enhance operational efficiency and scalability.

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