Jamal Khan

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About Jamal Khan

Jamal Khan, co-founder and CEO, has significantly enhanced anti-money laundering processes and fraud detection at companies like Pesawise and NextPay using Flagright's AI tools.

Known information

Jamal Khan, serving as co-founder and CEO, has played a pivotal role in transforming anti-money laundering operations and enhancing fraud detection systems within the fintech industry. At Pesawise, he implemented Flagright’s ‘AI-narrative copilot’, which not only generated accurate, context-aware case closure narratives swiftly but also improved overall compliance and resource allocation. This innovation led to a 92% accuracy in case narratives and reduced the time spent on case closures by 30%. Similarly, at NextPay, Khan boosted fraud detection rates to 95% and achieved a 40% reduction in fraud incidents through the integration of advanced tools like entity linking and narrative co-pilot. He also managed AML and fraud risks by utilizing Flagright’s robust risk scoring engine, which automates ongoing risk updates and integrates risk profiling to automatically update merchant risk profiles based on the latest information. His strategic use of technology has streamlined operations and significantly enhanced efficiency across the organizations he has worked with.

About Flagright

Flagright is a B2B company headquartered in Singapore, specializing in AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions for fintechs and banks, utilizing advanced AI technologies to enhance operational efficiency and scalability.

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