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About Leonardo Correa

Leonardo Correa is the Head of AML and Compliance at Ziina, where he leads the development of compliance strategies and ensures adherence to AML regulations.

Known information

Leonardo Correa serves as the Head of AML and Compliance at Ziina, focusing on the development and implementation of compliance strategies and policies. He works closely with various teams and partners to maintain strict adherence to AML regulations. Correa faces ongoing challenges such as adapting to regulatory changes, managing effective customer risk assessment programs, and staying proactive against financial crimes. Prior to utilizing Flagright’s platform, he dealt with inefficient manual processes and separate tools for AML compliance and fraud prevention, which led to time-consuming operations and a high rate of false positives. The adoption of Flagright’s technology has transformed Ziina’s operations, particularly in areas of customer risk assessment and risk-based transaction monitoring. Correa appreciates Flagright’s responsiveness to feedback and their commitment to user-friendly features, which have significantly streamlined the compliance process and enhanced risk management at Ziina. He views the future of AML compliance and fraud prevention as being dominated by technology, with automated, intelligent systems like Flagright’s playing a crucial role. Correa advises other fintech companies and neobanks considering Flagright’s solutions to prioritize regulatory compliance and fraud prevention to build and maintain trust within the industry.

About Flagright

Flagright is a B2B company headquartered in Singapore, specializing in AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions for fintechs and banks, utilizing advanced AI technologies to enhance operational efficiency and scalability.

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