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Company History

Dioptra, originally known as Dioptra.ai, was launched in 2021. The company is based in New York, NY, USA. As a part of Y Combinator's W22 batch, Dioptra has marked its presence in the B2B Legal sector, focusing on innovative solutions to streamline contract negotiations using artificial intelligence. The company has gradually expanded its services across the United States and offers both remote and partly remote services.

Industry and Market

Dioptra operates within the B2B Legal sub-industry, specifically categorized under Artificial Intelligence, Legal, and LegalTech industries. The company provides services that are essential for founders and in-house counsels by integrating AI into legal processes. The stage of the business is classified as early, indicating a focus on growth and development within its market.


Dioptra offers several AI-driven services aimed at improving legal contract negotiations. One of their key services is the creation and automation of contract negotiation playbooks, which help standardize and streamline the negotiation process. Additionally, the company provides automated contract review services, leveraging advanced AI technology to ensure efficiency and accuracy in contract management.

Regions of Operation

Dioptra is active in the United States of America and Canada. They offer both remote and partly remote services, making their solutions accessible to a broader audience. This operational flexibility allows Dioptra to cater to diverse client needs in various geographical locations.

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