Yasser Mohseni

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About Yasser Mohseni

Yasser Mohseni is a computational and structural biologist specializing in the study of complex biological systems through computational models and structural analysis.

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Yasser Mohseni is recognized for his dual expertise in computational biology and structural biology. His work primarily focuses on understanding the intricate mechanisms of biological systems by employing computational models to simulate and predict biological behaviors. Additionally, Mohseni applies structural biology techniques to analyze the physical structures of biological molecules, aiding in the comprehension of their functions and interactions. His interdisciplinary approach facilitates a deeper insight into biological processes, contributing significantly to advancements in the field.

About WhiteLab Genomics

WhiteLab Genomics, based in Paris and Boston, is a healthcare company specializing in the discovery and delivery of genomic therapies using AI to accelerate development in the field.

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