Camille Alliot

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About Camille Alliot

Camille Alliot is a structural biologist specializing in the study of molecular structures to understand biological functions and mechanisms.

Known information

Camille Alliot is recognized in the field of structural biology, focusing on analyzing and interpreting the molecular and structural configurations of biological macromolecules. This expertise aids in understanding how biological systems function at a molecular level, contributing to advancements in medical and biological research. Camille’s work involves using techniques such as X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, and cryo-electron microscopy to visualize the architectures of proteins, nucleic acids, and other complex molecules, thereby providing insights into their roles in health and disease.

About WhiteLab Genomics

WhiteLab Genomics, based in Paris and Boston, is a healthcare company specializing in the discovery and delivery of genomic therapies using AI to accelerate development in the field.

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