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WhiteLab Genomics is a pioneering healthcare company with offices in Paris, Île-de-France, France, and Boston, MA, USA. The company, which is part of the Y Combinator W22 batch, operates within the sub-industry of drug discovery and delivery. WhiteLab Genomics is actively engaged across various regions including France, the United States, Europe, and America/Canada, and offers both remote and partly remote work options. With a team of 25, the company is at an early stage of its business development. WhiteLab Genomics has established partnerships with several key organizations such as EIT Health, Institut du Cerveau - ICM, Medicen Paris Region, Genopole, STATION F, Wilco, Bpifrance, NIST, AI for Health, and Y Combinator. The company has developed a proprietary AI platform aimed at accelerating the discovery and design of genomic therapies, specifically focusing on Cell Therapies, RNA Therapies, and DNA Therapies. This platform utilizes advanced graph knowledge technology and machine learning to enhance the potential of DNA and RNA-based therapies. It provides solutions that accelerate gene and cell therapy developments and offers in-silico simulations based on exhaustive datasets for discovering and designing optimized payloads and vectors. WhiteLab Genomics aims to develop more genomic medicines faster and in leaner ways, thereby making revolutionary drugs more accessible to patients in need. The company addresses key scientific and technological questions, including optimizing payload and vector design, assessing genotoxicity, and identifying optimal experimental protocols for in vivo and in vitro strategies.

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