Wang Chen

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Wang Chen serves as the Director of Technology and Data Protection Officer at Unravel Carbon, based in Singapore.

Wang Chen, Director of Technology

Wang Chen serves as the Director of Technology at Unravel Carbon. In this role, Wang Chen oversees the technological advancements and implementations within the company. The position involves managing tech teams, setting strategic goals for development, and ensuring that all technological resources are aligned with the company's objectives. Wang Chen is integral to driving innovation and optimizing technological frameworks to improve operational efficiency at Unravel Carbon.

Wang Chen, Data Protection Officer

Wang Chen also holds the title of Data Protection Officer at Unravel Carbon. This role involves ensuring that the company adheres to data protection regulations. Responsibilities include overseeing data security strategies, conducting audits, and managing compliance with data protection laws. Wang Chen's oversight helps safeguard sensitive information and enhances privacy measures for both the company and its clients.

Contact Wang Chen

Wang Chen can be contacted via email at for professional inquiries. Additionally, Wang Chen can be reached by phone at +65 88093853. These contact details are available for communication regarding Wang Chen's roles and responsibilities at Unravel Carbon.

Wang Chen's Location

Wang Chen is based in Singapore, where Unravel Carbon operates. The location supports various technological and compliance activities integral to Wang Chen's roles as Director of Technology and Data Protection Officer. Being based in Singapore allows for strategic advantages given the region's robust technology infrastructure and regulatory frameworks.

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