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Unravel Carbon provides an AI-powered decarbonization platform that helps enterprises track and reduce carbon emissions. Their platform converts accounting data into full supply chain carbon data within seconds and generates climate solutions automatically. Additionally, it offers data integrations with SAP, NetSuite, and Oracle to streamline data extraction and provides automatic generation of GHG reports, which will soon include ISSB and TCFD reporting requirements. Their services also include automated regulatory disclosure reports and support for developing informed offset strategies utilizing high-quality carbon credits from curated partners.


Unravel Carbon operates in the B2B industry with a specific focus on serving enterprises in various regions, including Singapore and Southeast Asia. Their platform is designed to streamline collaboration across organizations with customized data gathering, review, and approval workflows, making it suitable for large enterprises looking to transition towards a net zero future. Their industry expertise includes sustainability, carbon accounting, and enterprise-grade data security.

Security and Compliance

Unravel Carbon ensures enterprise-grade data security, certified by ISO 27001, and their platform is certified by Tüv Rheinland, adhering to the GHG Protocol and ISO14064 standards. The platform provides data history and approval workflows, including anomaly detection and review steps, to maintain transparency and control over carbon data. User management tools allow for inviting members, assigning roles, and adjusting access permissions, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data.

Partnerships and Certifications

Unravel Carbon partners with subject matter experts to ensure a smooth transition towards a net zero future for their clients. Their platform is certified by Tüv Rheinland and adheres to the GHG Protocol and ISO14064 standards. Additionally, the company aims to align customer needs with the right experts for strategic planning and collaboration. They also provide high-quality carbon credits from curated partners to support informed offset strategies.

Platform Features

The Unravel Carbon platform includes several features designed to meet the needs of enterprises. These features include data integrations with SAP, NetSuite, and Oracle, item-specific and spend-based carbon conversion engines, and automated GHG report generation. The platform also offers a logbook of data uploads for seamless team coordination, intuitive user management tools, and approval workflows with anomaly detection and review steps. An upcoming update will automate ISSB and TCFD reporting requirements, enhancing the platform's capability to meet regulatory needs.

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