Qiyun Woo

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About Qiyun Woo

Qiyun Woo is a sustainability consultant known for promoting sustainability through technology and has been featured in notable publications and panels.

Known information

Qiyun Woo is a distinguished sustainability consultant who has gained recognition for integrating technology with sustainability efforts. Woo was featured in ‘The Peak Singapore’ for discussions on promoting sustainability through technology and was highlighted in ‘Forbes Asia 100 To Watch 2023’. Woo has actively participated in several influential forums, including a Bloomberg panel on ‘Accelerating the Net-Zero Future’ and led discussions on green jobs on ‘The Climate Conversations - What exactly is a green job?’ by CNA. Woo also played a pivotal role in explaining the importance of GHG Protocol alignment during Unravel Carbon’s certification process and led a panel at COP28 in Dubai focusing on technology’s role in climate disclosures. Additionally, Woo outlined the impact of a new emissions overview dashboard for companies, introduced Unravel Carbon’s Partner Ecosystem to help align customers with subject matter experts, and shared insights on the significance of a sustainability reporting advisory committee for Singapore-based companies in 2024.

About Unravel Carbon

Unravel Carbon, based in Singapore, offers an AI-powered decarbonization platform for enterprises, focusing on automating carbon data extraction and providing strategic decarbonization solutions.

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