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About Sourabh Maladharee

Sourabh Maladharee is the Head of IoT based in Lausanne, Switzerland, specializing in advanced data analytics for solar PV assets, using AI to enhance revenue and operational efficiency.

Known information

Sourabh Maladharee serves as the Head of IoT in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he focuses on advanced data analytics solutions aimed at preventing downtime in solar PV assets. He was selected from over 300 applicants to work on predictive analytics for VERBUND’s solar assets, employing physics-informed AI-based algorithms for fault detection. His software innovations have reportedly increased solar developers’ revenues by up to 5% and reduced operation and maintenance activities time by 80%. Maladharee offers a complimentary service for diagnosing the root causes of underperformance in solar plants and provides long-term solar Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) and wind speed forecasting, considering climate change and over 100 variables. His approach integrates physical principles with machine learning for more accurate analysis. Maladharee’s work is supported by research partners involved in over 15 years of Swiss R&D, and the IoT devices he works with follow IEC certification standards and are certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. His contributions are crucial in developing deep-data analytics and decision-making tools for smart solar asset management, utilizing AI and machine learning for precise and faster fault diagnosis in solar plants. He is also part of a company that offers a Climate Risk Assessment tool for forecasting and is involved in a team with extensive R&D and field experience in solar energy systems.

About SmartHelio

SmartHelio is a B2B analytics company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, specializing in climate risk assessment and predictive maintenance for the solar industry using advanced machine learning algorithms.

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