Johan Mlouka

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About Johan Mlouka

Johan Mlouka is the Head of Sales & Partnerships at SmartHelio, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, specializing in advanced data analytics for solar PV asset management.

Known information

Johan Mlouka serves as the Head of Sales & Partnerships at SmartHelio, a company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, with regional offices in the United States and India. SmartHelio is focused on providing advanced data analytics solutions to enhance the resilience and reduce downtime of solar PV assets. Mlouka’s work involves the use of physics-informed AI algorithms for fault detection and a Climate Risk Assessment tool that forecasts long-term solar GHI and wind speeds, considering over 100 variables influenced by climate change. Under his sales leadership, SmartHelio was chosen from over 300 applicants to work exclusively on predictive analytics for VERBUND’s solar assets. The company’s product, Autopilot, integrates seamlessly with existing digital infrastructures or central monitoring solutions, facilitating efficient solar asset management. Mlouka’s team, recognized for its global diversity and commitment to solar energy, has analyzed over 25 billion data points from more than 3 GW of solar assets globally in the past two years. Their efforts have demonstrated significant improvements in revenue and operational efficiency, including up to a 5% increase in revenues and an 80% reduction in time for O&M activities from detection to resolution of faults. SmartHelio has also been acknowledged as ‘Best for the World’ by B Lab and participated in the Y Combinator W22 batch. Additionally, the company’s IoT devices meet IEC standards and are certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Mlouka is currently involved in hiring for various roles in Switzerland and India to further enhance the team’s capabilities.

About SmartHelio

SmartHelio is a B2B analytics company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, specializing in climate risk assessment and predictive maintenance for the solar industry using advanced machine learning algorithms.

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