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Peter Gould is the VP of Operations specializing in advanced data analytics for solar PV assets, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, with a focus on Physics-informed AI algorithms and climate risk assessment tools.

VP Operations at Lausanne, Switzerland

Peter Gould serves as the VP Operations based in Lausanne, Switzerland. He coordinates operations both locally and through regional offices in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. His responsibilities include overseeing the development and implementation of advanced data analytics solutions tailored to the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry. With his cross-regional expertise, Peter ensures that the company maintains high standards in operational efficiency and innovation within this specialized sector.

Specialist in Advanced Data Analytics Solutions

Peter Gould specializes in providing advanced data analytics solutions aimed at preventing downtime in solar PV assets. His work leverages Physics-informed AI algorithms, enabling precise fault detection in solar PV plants. This technology stands out as it integrates advanced physics principles with artificial intelligence to offer unparalleled performance in predictive maintenance and operational efficiency for solar energy systems.

Development of Physics-Informed AI Algorithms

A significant milestone in Peter Gould's career includes developing the world's first Physics-informed AI algorithms for the solar industry. These algorithms have been tested and validated using real solar PV data sets, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness. His contributions have provided the solar industry with innovative tools for forecasting and fault detection, helping to enhance the efficiency and long-term viability of solar energy systems.

Climate Risk Assessment Tool for Solar and Wind Forecasting

Peter Gould offers a Climate Risk Assessment tool that aids in long-term solar Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) and wind speed forecasting. This tool enables comprehensive climate risk evaluations, facilitating better planning and management of renewable energy resources. The introduction of this tool highlights Peter’s commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions through precision forecasting and risk assessment.

Collaboration with VERBUND and IoT Standards

Peter Gould has collaborated with VERBUND, Austria's largest electricity provider, to support their portfolio growth through predictive analytics. His role in this collaboration underscores his expertise in applying advanced analytics to real-world energy portfolios. Additionally, IoT devices under his management comply with certification standards like IEC and have been certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards, ensuring high standards of safety and performance.

Participation in VERBUND X Acceleration Program

Peter Gould participated in the VERBUND X Acceleration program, which focuses on fostering innovation and accelerating technological developments within the clean energy sector. This involvement reflects his active engagement with industry leaders and commitment to advancing the capabilities of renewable energy technologies through collaborative efforts.

Research Partnerships in Swiss R&D

Peter Gould's work is bolstered by research partnerships with institutions that have over 15 years of Swiss R&D experience. These partnerships contribute to the continuous improvement and validation of his advanced data analytics solutions. The collaboration with seasoned research institutions ensures that the solutions developed are grounded in extensive scientific research and practical industry applications.

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