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Company Overview

Sendo is a B2B company operating in the Engineering, Product, and Design industries. The company launched in February 2022 and is a part of the Y Combinator W22 batch. Sendo is headquartered in New York, NY, USA, but it also offers remote work options. The company serves regions including the United States of America, America/Canada, and provides fully remote services.


Sendo specializes in making it easy, cheap, and fun for startups to build on SMS. The company offers the most developer-friendly SMS API on the market, supported by great documentation, a fast dashboard, and helpful monitoring features. Sendo also facilitates easier 10DLC compliance, helping customers navigate regulatory standards effectively. By choosing Sendo, customers can save over 40% compared to Twilio and other SMS service providers.

Product Features

Sendo provides various features designed to streamline SMS interactions for startups. Key features include a highly developer-friendly SMS API, a user-friendly dashboard, and robust monitoring capabilities. One of the standout features is Sendo's ability to enable customers to start sending messages within 1-2 days, a significant advantage over the weeks-long approval process for 10DLC campaigns offered by competitors.

Regions Served

Sendo serves a wide range of regions including the United States of America and America/Canada. The company provides fully remote services, making it accessible to clients and customers from different locations without geographical restrictions. This approach allows Sendo to cater to a diverse customer base effectively.

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