Tricia Mangan

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Tricia Mangan is a professional downhill ski racer and two-time Olympian, currently active on the FIS World Cup Circuit, who also works in Growth & Marketing.

Tricia Mangan Title and Role

Tricia Mangan holds a position in growth and marketing, focusing on advancing organizational objectives through strategic initiatives. Her professional expertise extends beyond the corporate realm into athletics, where she has garnered notable experience and discipline that she brings into her business endeavors.

Tricia Mangan as a Professional Downhill Ski Racer

Tricia Mangan is a professional downhill ski racer competing on the FIS World Cup Circuit. She has represented her talents on an international level, participating in the Olympics twice. Her dedication to the sport showcases her commitment, work ethic, and passion for speed—qualities that influence all aspects of her life.

Tricia Mangan's Passion for Speed and Goal Achievement

Tricia Mangan is driven by a passion for going fast, which is evident both in her skiing career and professional life. She actively engages in speaking up and advocating for others, helping them work towards and achieve their goals. This motivational approach is a cornerstone of her personal and professional interactions.

Tricia Mangan's Connection to San Francisco

Although Tricia Mangan spends the majority of her time traveling for competitions and training, she cherishes her visits to San Francisco. She finds the city's dynamic startup culture and energetic environment to be a constant source of inspiration. This connection to San Francisco influences her professional outlook and personal ambitions.

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