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About Kevin Yang

Kevin Yang is an engineer with a background in computer science, who began his career as a software engineer in various tech companies across California.

Known information

Kevin Yang is an engineer who studied computer science during college and subsequently started his career as a software engineer, working for multiple tech companies throughout California. Growing up in the Bay Area, Kevin developed a keen interest in technology and innovation. Beyond his professional life, he has a diverse range of hobbies. Kevin is an avid sports enthusiast, enjoying both playing and watching basketball and football. He is also musically inclined and enjoys playing music. Additionally, Kevin has a passion for reading and traveling, often exploring new countries.

About PromptLoop

PromptLoop, formerly known as Kiter, is a B2B analytics company based in San Francisco, specializing in AI data analysis for spreadsheet users, integrating seamlessly with Excel and Google Sheets.

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Peter Mangan, co-founder of PromptLoop, is known for integrating quant models into Excel during his early career and has a passion for building and innovating beyond conventional norms.

Andrew Mangan, co-founder of PromptLoop, is known for integrating the latest models into the platform and enhancing user efficiencies. He is also a pararower on the US National Team and an author.

Tricia Mangan

Growth & Marketing @ PromptLoop

Tricia Mangan is a professional downhill ski racer and two-time Olympian, currently active on the FIS World Cup Circuit, who also works in Growth & Marketing.

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