Andrew Mangan

Co-Founder @ PromptLoop

Andrew Mangan, co-founder of PromptLoop, is known for integrating the latest models into the platform and enhancing user efficiencies. He is also a pararower on the US National Team and an author.

Andrew Mangan Co-Founder of PromptLoop

Andrew Mangan is the Co-Founder of PromptLoop, where he is responsible for ensuring that the company utilizes the latest, fastest, and most powerful models. He focuses on identifying and implementing efficiencies that can be passed onto users, enhancing the overall user experience and maintaining the cutting-edge status of PromptLoop's technology.

Andrew Mangan's Academic Background

Andrew Mangan graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science. During his time at Stanford, he engaged in diverse studies, including Medieval English History and German. His interdisciplinary education has provided him with both technical knowledge and a broad understanding of historical contexts and languages.

Author of Brain Computer Interfaces Book

Andrew Mangan is the author of a book on Brain Computer Interfaces. His work in this field showcases his expertise and contribution to the understanding and development of neural interface technologies. The book reflects his continuous engagement with pioneering topics in computer science and technology.

Research on False Positive Rates of GPT Detection

For his senior project at Stanford, Andrew Mangan studied the false positive rates of GPT detection systems as they pertain to non-native English speakers. This research highlights his interest in machine learning and natural language processing, focusing on improving the accuracy and fairness of these technologies for global users.

Andrew Mangan's Rowing Career

In addition to his technical accomplishments, Andrew Mangan is a pararower on the US National Team. His involvement in competitive rowing demonstrates his commitment to athletic excellence and teamwork. Participating at a national level reflects his dedication and skill in the sport.

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