Josh Restivo

Director of Architecture @ Massdriver

Josh Restivo is the Director of Architecture known for his role in reducing AMD Global Telemedicine's software release effort by 89% using Massdriver, and for enabling developer self-service while ensuring security and compliance.

Director of Architecture

Josh Restivo holds the title of Director of Architecture. In this role, he leverages his expertise to design, deploy, and manage cloud architectures. He focuses on maintaining organizational security, compliance, and standards while enabling developer self-service. His work involves using various tools and systems integral to modern DevOps practices, ensuring precision, flexibility, and performance.

Case Study Featuring Josh Restivo

Josh Restivo was featured in a case study that highlighted his contributions at AMD Global Telemedicine. The case study focused on how the organization reduced software release effort by 89% using Massdriver. This reflects his capability in significantly optimizing processes and improving efficiency through innovative architectural solutions.

Integration with CI/CD Tools

Josh Restivo integrates with several Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools in his architectural designs. These tools include GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, and Jenkins. His integration efforts ensure seamless automation and efficiency in software delivery pipelines, which are crucial for modern software development and deployment.

Support for Infrastructure as Code

Josh Restivo supports Infrastructure as Code (IaC) within his architectural designs. He utilizes tools like Terraform, CloudFormation, and Kubernetes to write, deploy, and manage infrastructure. This approach aids in maintaining consistency, reducing errors, and streamlining the deployment of infrastructure resources across various environments.

Built-in Monitoring and Alerting

In his role, Josh Restivo incorporates built-in monitoring and alerting through infrastructure diagrams. This feature helps in real-time monitoring and quick detection of issues, ensuring the reliability and performance of the platforms he designs. It provides valuable insights into system health and alerts in case of anomalies, allowing timely interventions.

Secrets Management

Josh Restivo provides secrets management solutions to store encrypted secrets securely. These secrets are then automatically injected into applications during deployment. This capability is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of applications, preventing unauthorized access, and managing sensitive information effectively.

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