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Kevin Kleber is the CTO who has streamlined cloud-native application development, enabling developer self-service while adhering to security and compliance standards.

Kevin Kleber CTO

Kevin Kleber serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), focusing on enabling developer self-service while maintaining organizational security, compliance, and standards. His approach ensures developers do not need to learn new tools, facilitating the management of infrastructure and applications through living diagrams. This promotes efficient and compliant cloud-native application development.

Developer Self-Service and Compliance

Kevin Kleber emphasizes the importance of developer self-service combined with stringent organizational security, compliance, and standards. By allowing developers to manage infrastructure and applications using living diagrams and infrastructure-as-code modules, Kleber ensures that provisioning infrastructure and services aligns with compliance and security protocols. This strategy reduces the need for operations and platform teams to adopt new tools, supporting existing platforms like Terraform/OpenTofu, Helm, and CloudFormation.

Streamlining Cloud-Native Application Development

Under Kevin Kleber's leadership, the development process for cloud-native applications is streamlined. His approach provides continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) integrations, infrastructure as code, built-in monitoring and alerting, secrets management, expert guardrails, and powerful observability. These features help in creating intuitive design tools, integrated DevOps, performance optimization, custom modules, scalable architectures, and collaborative capabilities.

Trusted by Elite Platform Engineers

Kevin Kleber is trusted by elite platform engineers to design, deploy, and manage cloud architectures on major platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. His expertise extends to powering over 100 companies, ranging from pre-seed startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. The trust placed in his leadership stems from his focus on ensuring the technological infrastructure is scalable, secure, and compliant with industry standards.

Supporting Major Cloud Platforms

Kevin Kleber's role as CTO involves supporting major cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. By leveraging infrastructure-as-code modules and living diagrams, he enables efficient management of infrastructure and services. His work supports both developers and operations teams, culminating in comprehensive cloud-native solutions that align with organizational needs.

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