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Jordan Ritter is the CEO of a company that streamlines cloud-native application development, enabling developer self-service while adhering to organizational security and compliance standards.

Jordan Ritter CEO

Jordan Ritter holds the position of CEO, spearheading initiatives to streamline cloud-native application development. His leadership ensures that developer self-service is enabled with stringent organizational security, compliance, and standards firmly in place. Ritter's efforts focus on simplifying the development process, allowing developers to manage infrastructure and applications through intuitive living diagrams.

Developer Self-Service and Organizational Security

Under Jordan Ritter's guidance, the company enables developer self-service while maintaining high standards of security, compliance, and operational consistency. Developers can effectively manage infrastructure and applications without needing to learn new tools. This approach supports existing technologies such as Terraform/OpenTofu, Helm, and CloudFormation, ensuring a seamless integration process for operational and platform teams.

Infrastructure-as-Code Modules

The infrastructure-as-code modules deployed by the company are crafted with embedded compliance, security, and standards. These modules facilitate the provisioning of infrastructure and services, enabling efficient and secure cloud operations. Jordan Ritter's strategic oversight ensures that these modules meet rigorous industry benchmarks and enhance the overall efficiency of cloud management.

Cloud Architecture Management on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Jordan Ritter's company is trusted by elite platform engineers to design, deploy, and manage cloud architectures across major platforms including AWS, Azure, and GCP. The team, comprised of world-class cloud certified experts, ensures that cloud solutions are robust, secure, and compliant with industry standards. Ritter's leadership has been key in building trusted partnerships and exceeding the CIS benchmarks for cloud partnership networks.

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